A little bit about everything I like, cherish or find simply interesting... Just no rules and prejudices. I'm 22 and a brunette. I love books, learning new things, fashion, art, traveling, making friends and actually a lot of various stuff.I also like to make everyone's life a little easier and happier and change people for good.I have very high standards of what I want to do and achieve throughout life. But what I want the most is simply to be happy.

#castle #sanssouci #potsdam  avec Isabelle @isahincapie  (at Schloß Sanssouci) View high resolution

#castle #sanssouci #potsdam avec Isabelle @isahincapie (at Schloß Sanssouci)

Books mean more than people to me anyway.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Ice Palace (via fitzgeraldquotes)

(via prettybooks)

Let’s do this s* 
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Let’s do this s*
#hedgedog #doit

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